What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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WYSC's Keeper clinics will test your abilities while guiding you through the essential techniques required to be successful in goal.

We add "cutting edge" tactical training so that our keepers read the attack, sort out the options and anticipate the opponent's next move. The clinic will challenge every keeper physically while insuring a more sophisticated understanding of the goalkeeper position.



  • Dates:
              Jan 9, 16, 23, 30
              Feb 6, 13, 20 

              (Thursdays, 7 Weeks)

  • Times: 5:30 - 7:00 PM

  • Location: WYSC Gym

  • Ages: U10 & Up - Coed, open to all players

  • Cost: 125$

  • Schedule: Listed below for you to review!




  1. KEEPER GLOVES! - get these well in advanced

  2. Water bottle - there is a water fountain to fill up bottles

  3. Athletic clothing - recommend shorts/t-shirt combo with removable pants/long-sleeve layer





Coach Brian Kotowicz grew up playing youth soccer in Long Island, NY. His teams won league titles as well as High School Championships while he was the starting goalkeeper. He has been a coach with WYSC since 2014. Brian has coached from U6 to U10 along with being the head Goalkeeper Coach for WYSC. He has also coached both U8 and U9 Allstar teams since 2016. His teams have finished as runner up in the Spring of 2017 and in the semi-finals of the Fall of 2017. Brian played College soccer at West Virginia Wesleyan College and holds a USSF “D” License.














Week 1

  • Warm-up (15 Minutes)

  • Shaping (setup, catching and diving/falling) (45 minutes)

  • Reactions (30 minutes)

Week 2

  • Warm-up (15 minutes)

  • Pre-game warm-ups (proper warm-up before games) (30 minutes)

  • Angle play (30 minutes)

  • Goalie Wars (If we have free time)

Week 3

  • Warm-up (15 minutes)

  • Injury prevention (30 minutes)

  • 1v1 work (45 minutes)

Week 4

  • Warm-up (15 minutes)

  • Deflecting (tipping/parrying/boxing) (30 minutes)

  • Dealing with Crosses (45 minutes)

  • Goalie Wars (if time permits)

Week 5

  • Warm-up (15 minutes)

  • Game management (following the play/setting up walls/directing defenders) (30 minutes)

  • Dealing with traffic (30 minutes)

  • Goalie Wars (if time permits)

Week 6

  • Warm-up (15 minutes)

  • Distribution fundamentals (bowling/throwing/punting) (30 minutes)

  • Usable Drills (30 minutes)

  • Goalie Wars (if time permits)

Week 7

  • Warm-up (15 minutes)

  • Overall Review (45 minutes)

  • Penalty Kicks (30 minutes)