What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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How to Register for a 2018 E License Course - in the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC)

Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, all VYSA E and D license courses must be run through the US Soccer Digital Coaching CenterIn order to register for a course, you must first take the online F course (if you haven’t already). To create your account, go to http://dcc.ussoccer.com and click “sign up”. You’ll then be able to take the online  F course.  If you already have an account, click “Log On”. Once you have your account set up, click on “Courses”, “License”, and “State”, choosing the appropriate answers for each. Click on the arrow for details for the particular course you have chosen. Then click “Proceed to Registration” and “Proceed to Payment”. You will be taken to the “My Courses” page. Click “Go to Classroom” for your course assignments.


*****Coaches before every practice, training activity and game please inspect to make sure all goal posts and nets for safety, that they are properly anchored and secured, and the field and areas around the field that is being used***** 

1. Team assignment/required forms
2. Reporting game scores
3. Coaching responsibilities and requirements
4. Coaches’ training requirements
5. How to find your team roster
6. How to email your team
Help Video for coaches