What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Table of Contents
1. What about snow-outs?
2. How are teams formed?
3. Tell me about the futsal league.
4. How do I know which division my child should be in?
5. What are the goals of the futsal program?
6. How do I volunteer to help?
7. What if I want to coach?
8. Matchballs


 1What about snow-outs? 


In case of bad weather, a decision will be made about game cancelations by the morning (Sunday Morning); an email notification will be pushed out. If you are unsure, please check with your coach first.


Since futsal is indoors, matches are not subject to rain cancelations but snow/sleet still pose a road hazard for all.  The schedule has one built in snow-day of Feb 24 for making up a missed weekend. 




2. How are teams formed?

For the recreational seasons, WYSC coaches are encourage to maintain the same team from season to season, as well as from division to division.  Similarly, during the futsal season, we encourage coaches to have their team register. 


When registering, please contact us about registering your teammates. If a player would like to be placed with a particular coach, parents may indicate this on the registration form. Please note: not all requests can be honored.  Children who are new to the league or with no request will be placed on a team by a league official. Coaches should contact players no later than 2 weeks before the first match.



3. Tell me about the futsal league. 


U8, U10, and U12 divisions are all  standard futsal matches at the WYSC court. Scores are recorded and division winners are celebrated. 


We are unable to offer mini-kicks for Winter 2019 as the legend is currently in China.



4. How do I know which division my child should be in?

See the chart below for your child’s birth date to determine which division your child should be in.





5. What are the goals of the futsal program?

The futsal program is intended to give players an opportunity to continue playing soccer through out the winter. Its designed to be a fast playing experience, with a lot of fun. We try to have coaches pull in their recreational team.


Unlike outdoor soccer programs, futsal is played in small space and at a faster pace. Its perfect for building quick reflexes. 


6. How do I volunteer to help?

There are lots of volunteers opportunities with WYCS. We manage to operate through the generosity of volunteers with their time. There is always of work to be done. See the volunteer page for all the options or, ask by visiting or emailing (info@wysc.org).


7. What if I want to coach?

Great! Coaching is a very wonderful way to give back to the club and serve as a model for your players. It requires an hour a week for practice and another hour on weekends for the games.

One the most significant benefits? The antics of your players will provide numerous highlights in your week. One of your players will inevitably shoot on the opponant’s goal; one will no doubt head the ball perfectly – without meaning to. There will lots of cheering -- no matter what the score -- and plenty of hugs.




8. Match balls

Futsal match balls are provided by WYSC. These balls will be used for all futsal matches and referees are in charge of returning balls to the WYSC office. Teams may bring their own for warm up but we have plenty extra for warm up as well. We are trying to keep cost down for teams by purchasing balls ourselves.