What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Why Should I Play Travel Soccer with WYSC?

Travel Coordinator: Lisa Garner via email to    or by phone at 540-326-2455 

Focused, Competitive Programs for Players Looking for a Challenge

Warrenton Youth Sports Club offers two options for players who are looking to play more competitive soccer based on the age of the player:

1. Academy Program

For younger players (U6 to U9 and younger), WYSC offers a unique, developmentally-focused “Academy Pre-Travel Program” designed specifically to introduce players and their families to the distinct demands of more organized training and more competitive play.

For more information about WYSC's academy Program , click [ HERE ].
2. Travel Soccer

We also offer more traditional “Travel” soccer teams for players ages 10-18. These teams are selected through competitive tryouts and travel within the region to play games throughout the metro region.


Who Can Try Out for a WYSC Travel Team?


Warrenton Youth Sports Club’s travel ready program and travel teams are not limited to our current travel or recreational players. Any interested player from around the Metro region is eligible to try out and play on any of our teams.
Who Do WYSC's Travel Teams Play Against?
Most of WYSC's travel teams compete against area teams sponsored by other local soccer clubs through regional soccer leagues including The Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL), The National Capital Soccer League (NCSL) and The Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGS).  ODSL and NCSL are open to teams comprised of either boys and girls, while WAGS is open to girls only.  
What Level of Commitment is Required for Parents and Players?
Everyone involved in travel soccer recognizes that serious commitment for young players is difficult. However, being a part of a travel team requires both the child AND THE PARENT understand that this activity is a commitment. Neither the player nor the team can develop to full potential without making a full commitment.

For most travel players, only religious commitments, school, and school athletics take precedence over travel team practices and games.  Parents are involved weekly in field preparation in advance of and immediately after the Sunday games.

It's not unusual for younger players to want to continue with their recreational teams. We don't have any rules that prohibits this. All we ask is that, in the case of a conflict, the travel team takes precedence.
How Much Soccer Are We Talking About?
Typically, beginning several weeks prior to the season and continuing throughout the season, travel players attend practices twice per week.  There are approximately ten weekend games each season during the fall and spring. Travel games are typically played on Sundays, but rescheduled games may be on either Saturday or Sunday.
In addition, some teams may select to compete in one or two local and regional tournaments each fall and spring. During the summer, teams may practice, and players are strongly encouraged to attend WYSC clinics and a soccer camp of their preference. In the winter, teams will practice indoors in a gym (probably only once a week) and may participate in indoor soccer leagues. As teams mature, players may participate in regional tournaments on several weekends a year.
Does This Sound Like Too Much Soccer?
Travel soccer is not for every child or every family. However, players and families who make the commitment find that their skills (and confidence) improve by leaps and bounds; they make new friends; and the travel environment can be a lot of fun.

Winning is not the ultimate goal of Warrenton Youth Soccer Club’s travel program. Although we focus on player development, players and families often love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from the success that flows from dedication to the sport. 
Parents need to think about whether their child is ready for the experience.  But, if so, the child will learn that success does not come easy; hard work pays off; and winning isn’t everything.  These are life lessons that we all must learn and travel soccer is a good way to learn them.
How Far Do We Have to Travel?
Travel teams play in games arranged by the respective league (NCSL or ODSL) on fields throughout the Metro region. A significant amount of regional travel may be anticipated. However, the leagues make every effort to minimize travel times for younger age groups.

Four or five games will normally be on Warrenton Youth Soccer Club authorized “home” fields in Fauquier County.  Since NCSL, WAGS and ODSL member clubs are located as far away as Baltimore, Winchester, Severna Park and north of Richmond, you could have to travel to one or more of those locations.  At the same time there are many, many clubs and fields that are close to DC in Maryland and Virginia.
As teams move up into the more competitive divisions within each league, more travel will be necessary.
Who Runs the Travel Teams?
Warrenton Youth Sports Club assists the team in its formation and sets up the administrative structure necessary for play in NCSL and ODSL. Warrenton Youth Soccer Club will select and assign a qualified coach to teach skills, run practices, and coach games.

Parents must select a volunteer manager to handle the administrative affairs of the team.  The manager is responsible for (or delegates responsibility for):  managing finances, uniforms, coordinating field preparations weekly, registering the team with the travel league, and doing other administrative activities.

With the assistance of the manager, the coach will then run the team on a day-to-day basis within the guidelines of Warrenton Youth Soccer Club and the travel league the team is playing in. The coach reports to the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club Director and to the Technical Director of Coaching, who are collectively responsible for setting an overall direction for the travel program.

Once players have been selected, WYSC strongly urges each team to conduct a mandatory annual parent’s organizational meeting to set expectations, distribute the team budget, appoint team officers (such as manager, treasurer, tournament coordinator, team medic, fundraising chairman, etc.), and determine any other critical administrative items.
How Are Travel Teams Selected?
At the younger age groups, coaches appointed by WYSC observe recreational players over a period of time and selects players he/she feels may be qualified for travel in later years through the creation of an “all-star” or “travel-ready” team. Already formed travel teams may also join WYSC’s travel program, with the permission of WYSC’s Director.
For older age groups, tryouts are required by league rules. Tryouts are typically held from late May to early June and are open to all players of appropriate age and gender, regardless of club affiliation. Click here for a complete listing of upcoming tryouts.
What Will a Travel Team Position Cost?
Travel soccer teams are typically coached by soccer professionals. Costs for these high quality coaches and other expenses are significant.  Coaching and administration fees are payable in June to Warrenton Youth Sports Club and are due shortly after a player is notified that he/she has been selected for a team. Installment plans of two payments are available by request from the WYSC Director.

Partial and full scholarships are available for those who would not be able to participate without assistance. Information regarding the scholarship program is available either by contacting the WYSC Director or by alerting either the team manager or coach. Fees for uniforms, goalkeeper clinics, and Warrenton Youth Soccer Club-based tournaments are included, as are league fees for the team playing in NCSL or ODSL.

Because each team decides its needs independently, fees to cover various other expenses such as additional tournaments, winter indoor practice facilities, and added outside training sessions will be billed and collected separately by each team’s manager.  These additional team costs could be $100 to $500 per player. Also, these costs do not include specialized individual player equipment such as goalie gloves, higher quality shinguards, soccer boots, and indoor soccer shoes.
How Does a Player Get involved in Travel Soccer?
If a player has not been contacted by a WYSC designated coach for a particular age group, then a player and/or their parents may contact the coach or the WYSC Director to express interest. As we've stated above, travel soccer is not for everyone. It is a competitive environment in which players are selected by a team coach based on WYSC-approved criteria.