What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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The following policy should be read and followed by all persons participating in WYSC Soccer activities:

Before, during, and after all games the following will be enforced:

  1. Players, coaches, assistant coaches, parents, and spectators MAY NOT make insulting or negative remarks, directly or indirectly, to or about opposing players, officials, or spectators or commit other acts that could be considered unsportsmanlike.
  2. Players, coaches, assistant coaches, parents, and spectator MAY NOT directly or indirectly make comments to or about the officiating crew or otherwise badger the officiating crew.
  3. Players, coaches, assistant coaches, parents and spectators MAY NOT use profanity at any time. Use of profanity may get you ejected from a game, suspended from the next game or ejected from the league.
  4. Officials will give one warning to a player, coach, assistant coach, parent or spectator for misconduct. Upon the second infraction the player, coach, assistant coach, parent or spectator shall be ejected from the game site.
  5. Any player, coach, assistant, parent or spectator that is ejected from the game will be automatically suspended from participation in the next WYSC Soccer League game. 
  6. Any person ejected from a game site shall not return to the game site following the game for any reason.
  7. Failure to abide by any condition of this rule may result in forfeiture of the game and additional sanctions.
  8. If there is a physical altercation between a player, coach, assistant coach, parent, or spectator and an official, such person shall be automatically ejected from the game site and shall be automatically suspended from participation in the WYSC Soccer League and may be expelled from WYSC pending review by the WYSC Adjudication Committee.

It is important that coaches are aware of the WYSC Zero Tolerance rules and their responsibilities


Each coach and assistant coach should carefully study the guidelines and rules so that correct information is passed along to the players and parents.

  • Register online by deadline
  • Sign a Code of Conduct form.
  • Coaches MUST attend the WYSC coaches' clinic to improve coaching skills and help keep the program moving forward. This clinic is provided free of charge.
  • Make sure players on roster meet eligibility requirements.
  • Make sure players understand and comply with the uniform and dress code.
  • Make sure an adult (21 or older) is present at all practices, games, and team activities. (No exceptions.)
  • Maintain discipline among players, coaches, and spectators both at practice and during games.
  • Set a good example. Maintain the standards of dress and discipline set for your players. Refrain from the use of profane or abusive language and the use of alcohol and tobacco while in the presence of your team. Children learn by your example.
  • See that each player gets their required playing time (where minimum playing time applies).
  • Make sure that field is cleaned up after each practice and game.
  • DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE REFEREE! Direct questions in a positive manner at the appropriate time (i.e., between quarters and after the game). Noncompliance with this might result in the cancelation of the game by the referee and report to the club for further deliberation of the issue. 
  • Stress good sportsmanship and having fun. Teach players to win and lose with the proper attitude. Greet opposing coaches both before and after the game to set the tone.
  • Each coach will identify themselves to the referee before the game. Only the Head coach will be allowed to address the referee during halftime break and end of game.
  • Any coach suspended from a game, can not be in attendance at the game they are suspended from.

WYSC feels that it is important that players are aware of the WYSC Zero Tolerance rules and their responsibilities

  • Follow the rules of discipline set by your coach.
  • Be willing to learn and give 100 percent.
  • Be a team player, not an individual star.
  • Contact your coach if you can't make it to a practice or a game.
  • DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE REFEREE! Non-compliance with this can result in removal of players and/or forfeiture of the game.
  • If a player habitually violates any of the guidelines or official rules as outlined in this rule book, is habitually abusive to the referee or other players, or threatens a referee, player or coach with physical violence (EVEN ONCE), they will be subject to denial of further participation 

Warrenton Youth Sports Club has a 'Slaughter Rule' to prevent teams from winning by more than a five point goal differential. 

Coaches are encouraged to use personal discretion if they are beating a team by more than five goals. Some ideas include telling players not to take shots on goal unless they use their left foot, or only players who haven't scored to take shots, or switch positions around, etc.

Please remember WYSC  emphasizes on Sportsmanship. We need to make sure we are always setting good examples for our children and players. As you are aware WYSC has a slaughter rule about teams winning by anything more than a 5 point goal differential. Your team should not be scoring by more than five goals. If you do not follow the slaughter rule and post your standings reflecting anything more than a five point goal differential, WYSC reserves the right to go into our system and change the scores.


Slide tackling is not permitted in any division from Under-5 to Under-12.



1.     The time requirements for ALL players on the team roster are as follows:

o    ALL AGES: All players must play the equivalent of one half of the game and sit out the equivalent of one quarter of the game, unless the size of the team roster impedes the application of the rule.

o    In the event a player, without prior approval of the Soccer Coordinator, is not allowed by his/her coach to play the minimum required time during a game, the opponent coach team or the affected player might bring the infringement of the rule to the Soccer Recreational Committee’s attention for further investigation.

o   In the event a player is allowed by his/her coach to play more than his/her maximum allowable time, he/she become an ineligible player and his/her team shall forfeit the game.



Warrenton Youth Sports Club uses a series of tie breaking rules to determine standings within each group: 

1 - Most Points
2 - Head to Head
3 - Goals Against

Select division to view division specific rules:



Teams and spectators take side by side position on the same side of the field. The designated home team must provide the game ball.




In situations where opposing teams wear the same color uniforms, the home team must change to a different-colored shirts.  Practice pinnies are also an acceptable alternative. 


Rule 10: COIN TOSS
Away team calls coin toss. Winner of the toss chooses which end of the field to defend. Winning team kicks off second half; other team kicks off first half. Teams switch sides of playing field at half time.




Teams must play with the same number of players, unless there has been an ejection due to a red card from the referee. If a team cannot field a full roster, opposing teams are encouraged to play down, so that teams have the same number of players. Coaches may decide not to play down if they choose. If a team cannot field the minimum number of players to start, that team will forfeit the game. The opposing team will be declared the winner with a 2 - 0 score.


Please, check specific division for information about maximum rosters and format.



U6 teams are allowed to substitute any time. 


For all other divisions, teams are allowed unlimited substitutions with prior consent of the referee at these points in the game:


  1. Substituting team’s throw in
  2. Opposing team’s throw in if the team that is throwing in is also substituting
  3. Goal kick - either team
  4. After goal - either team
  5. Half time - either team
  6. Substituting team’s yellow carded player
  7. Injury - one for one


A direct kick is when a penalty kick can enter the goal for a score without touching any other player. For U6 to U8 teams, no direct kick penalties are allowed. For U10 and older, direct kick penalties are allowed.

Rule 14: OFFSIDE

For U8 teams, offside will not be called unless the offense is flagrant.  Referees are instructed to make offside calls for U10 and above.




A yellow card displayed by the referee means that a player has received a warning. It may be for dangerous play, bad language or poor sportsmanship. Players receiving a yellow card will have to leave the playing field immediately, but can be substituted back in at the next team substitution opportunity. Players, coaches or spectators are allowed one warning yellow card per game. Anyone receiving two yellow cards in one game will have to adhere to red card rules. Yellow cards are not carried over to next week’s game.


A red card may be given by the referee to any player, coach or spectator, indicating a second infraction after a yellow card warning. Recipient of a red card must immediately leave the WYSC game site before the game can continue. Recipients of a red card will be required to miss the following regular season game. The Referee’s judgment is final and must be adhered to without argument. Complaints may be addressed to WYSC league officials.



No one may stand at the end line or behind the goal line.

Parents must sit behind the parents line on one side of the field.

If any games are canceled by WYSC on a particular weekend (due to weather conditions, etc.) then any previous games played that weekend will not count toward standings.

All USYSA-FIFA A rules apply.

Special Rules for WYSC Recreational Tournament

Check End-of-Season Tournament link for specific rules about the tournament.

The winning team must report the score by handing in the score card to the score table (to be provided by WYSC) within twenty minutes of the end of the game. In the event of a tie, the home team's coach must report the score within twenty minutes.

First and second place awards will be given to teams in each division.