What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Recreational and Travel Soccer Referees Page
Contact: Oscar Blanco Alcala at oscar@wysc.org or (540) 454-8935
Backup: Raul Heras at referee@wysc.org or (540) 326-5624
Fall 2017 Referee Schedule and Availability Form


Mandatory Fall 2017 Referee Meeting: August 25th, 7PM. Location: WYSC Office 365 West Shirley Avenue, Warrenton

  • Fall 2017 Availability form [ download ] : download file, fill it up and send it back via e-mail to Referee Coord in Excel format (not gif or pdf).
  • Ref Schedule   [ TBD  ]   
  • Recreational Tournament Ref Schedule   [ TBD 
First Step to becoming a Soccer Referee
If you have thought about becoming a referee, this is the first place to start!
  • Get Certified : note that the certification is issued by Metro DC - Virginia State Referee Program (not WYSC): read below for more information). WYSC will host a certification and recertification class before spring season.WYSC recommends level 8. However, note that new certified referees will be assigned U10 AR games until you acquire experience to center games. Level 9 certifications are also an option if what you want is to just AR games.
  • Register as WYSC Referee so WYSC has your contact information (please, scroll down for more information on how to register). 
  • Submit your availability and keep it up-to-date: Excel form available above. Please, submit it in Excel format (do not send pictures or .pdf files). You must proactively notify WYSC if your availability changes.
Certifiy with Metro DC - Virginia State Referee Program

Please visit:   http://www.vadcsoccerref.com/ to find out all details and  sign up for a class!
Contact - Metro DC-Virginia State Referee Program
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday - Friday.
Carol Schaeffer, State office Administrator. 
Telephone 703.491.1717 Fax 703.492.1948
Outside 703 888.832.1866  Email: 
Register as a Referee for the Competitive Soccer game

Registering as a Travel referee requires you to contact the 


WYSC Game Assigment Priorities
While WYSC tries to balance games assigned to all registered referees the following criteria is used when assigning games:
  • Professionalism displayed in the past when referring with WYSC.
  • Seniority. 
  • Availability: the more available you are during the season (according to the availability form submitted) the most likely you would receive assignments.
  • Experience: new referees only would be assigned U10 AR position, and hence limiting the number of games they could be assigned to. 
  • WYSC members would be prioritized over non-WYSC members.
WYSC'sSoccer Referee pay system / scale

Referees are an essential part of the successful operation of the travel and recreational soccer programs at Warrenton Youth Sports Club. Accordingly, we make every effort to reward our most dedicated and experienced referees.

All referees starting pay scale would be at the low level as detailed below. However at the end of the season, your scale level might increase if you meet the following conditions. As an example, if last season you were paid at a high scale and you met the performance conditions listed below, you will be paid at a high scale level:

  • experience
  • performance before, during and after all games
  • communication
  • proper uniform (all 2nd season referees are required to have two different color referee jerseys, one must be black)
  • attendance at mandatory meeting and any training events.
  • acceptance of assigned games via email from website.
  • attendance to all games assigned to you.


As of Fall 2016

Recreational Referee Pay Scale

  Low Medium High
U15 - Center $35.00 $40.00 $50.00
U15 - AR $20.00 $25.00 $30.00
U12 - Center $30.00 $35.00 $40.00
U12 - AR $20.00 $22.00 $25.00
U10 - Center $25.00 $30.00 $35.00
U10 - AR $17.00 $19.00 $22.00
U8-Coed $20.00 $25.00 $25.00



Registering as a Recreational Referee

To be considered for assignments with Warrenton Youth Sports Club's recreational soccer program, a referee must register with WYSC, must be 14 years of age and must have a current grade 8 certification. In addition to this, referees must understand and abide by the following requirements:

Specific Instructions for Referees

  • Each season, prior to being assigned games, all referees must complete referee agreement form and availabilty form.
  • Travel league referees will be paid directly by ODSL at the end of the season.
  • Recreational referees will be paid once after the completion of the season.
  • Referees missing any of their scheduled games without advance warning to WYSC will be removed from his/her remaining scheduled games
  • Referees are required to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of their game.
  • With the exception of the older divisions, U14 and up, all games are small-sided games.
  • See WYSC's specific U8 small-sided games rules.
  • For general club game rules, visit WYSC Rules.
  • All WYSC recreational games are held at the Athey Field Complex adjacent to the WARF.
  • Recreational soccer games are scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Head Referees must fill out a report online for any red/yellow cards or warnings given during any game
  • Head Referees must fill out an incident report for any injuries during any game
  • All referees must complete a game report form for each scheduled game. (see above)
  • For each game refereed must keep their game report until the end of the season. The game report is proof you worked the game..


Game Duration


Division Halves Halftime
U6 Four 10 minute quarters 2 min. quarter break, 5 min. halftime
U8 20 minute halves 5 minute halftime
U10 25 minute halves 5 minute halftime
U12 25 minute halves 5 minute halftime
U14+ 30 minute halves 5 minute halftime


Receiving Your Referee Assignments


1. Review schedule for available games

2. If you do not have E-mail you may call in your request to WYSC at 540-454-8935. (E-mailed requests will be given priority over phone requests.) Coordinator will reply to your request within 3 days.

Please note that, whenever possible, referees will be assigned a minimum of 2 games per Sunday.


3. Accepting scheduled games via email received from website.



Referee Forms
How to Become a NEW WYSC Soccer Referee Instructions DOC PDF
How to continue to be a referee for WYSC DOC PDF
Fall 2015 Referee Agreement form DOC PDF
Fall 2015 Recreational Availability Form - before Referee meeting. DOC PDF
Referee Game Report DOC PDF


Mandatory Fall 2017 Referee Meeting: August 25th, 7PM. Location: WYSC Office 365 West Shirley Avenue, Warrenton

  • Fall 2017 Availability form [ download ] : download file, fill it up and send it back via e-mail to Referee Coord in Excel format (not gif or pdf).
  • Ref Schedule   [ TBD  ]   
  • Recreational Tournament Ref Schedule   [ TBD